false sense of security and assurance are all spin-offs and results architectural actions and exposure. Depending on the appropriate performance of breakdown knowledgeable as a child, will determine the child's actions towards others or  testo ultra experiences as they grow up. Some may experience extreme loneliness. Some will act out and always be joking to make a cover for themselves. Some will even get the exact same traits as to what they were subjected to, like becoming angry with others when factors are not going their way. What-ever breakdown is played out based on your encounter as a child growing up will or has join your belief system that what you do is "o.k" while others who do the opposite are "not". As we grow up and maybe even marry and have our own kids, we will copycat architectural actions from the previous and pass it on to our own family and kids. When starting acknowledging that we bear architectural routines, we can then attempt to break the chain and the consequences of this breakdown. Another meaning of breakdown is simply, something that fails efficiently. As babies, kids, young adolescents, could our parent skills from our parents as they have learn't from their parents and there's from there's. What we find out about cultures, religion, character traits, addictions, bad experiences and I believe most importantly, coping skills and consider the effect of these on us; if we fail to acknowledge these impacts, we will just continue to carry on the history born through the paths of our previous. In specific circumstances when we bestow adverse traits onto our own children, we are merely living out our own adverse previous. Some of the traits that are visible in children who are continually exposed to architectural actions from those they obtain knowledge from are problems in handling frustrations, anger and ill feelings. They think it is too difficult to express their feelings and feelings as well as relaxing. They may be extreme and take on more responsibility than can be handled and do not handle approval and praise well. They are often difficult on themselves and can experience lonely sometimes being withdrawn and becoming loners. They could have issues forming intimate connections or may be drawn to abusive connections themselves, in the future. Some of us are fortunate to identify the down sides for ourselves, yet this is sometimes only fully recognized in the future. As a child, you are merely just the pawn soaking in all that comes your way, outstanding or bad, healthy and balanced or dangerous and you type your own beliefs and understandings of these entities.

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